Understand/ Freight Plan

MDOT recognizes the importance of freight mobility in the movement of goods, products and services across Michigan. A safe, efficient and well-maintained transportation network supports cost-effective freight movement, economic development and improved quality of life.

The Michigan Mobility 2045 Plan is the first of its kind to incorporate not only an overall vision of the state's transportation system, but to include two additional federally required documents: the State Rail Plan and the State Freight Plan. These documents combined into one will provide a streamlined vision of the transportation future in Michigan across all modes.

Under the Michigan Mobility 2045 program, updated Rail and Freight Plans will be integrated into the statewide long-range transportation plan to support a holistic approach to Michigan's transportation planning.

Michigan Freight Workshop Forum

On July 22, 2020 MDOT hosted the MM2045 Southeast Michigan Freight Forum using Zoom and Poll Everywhere technology. Following a welcome from MDOT Planning Director Todd White, MM2045 Project Manager Brad Sharlow presented an overview of the state long-range planning process currently underway. Joe Bryan and Joe Gurskis with WSP provided an overview of freight issues in Michigan and national trends.

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